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Getting Whole Life and Term Life Insurance Without the Medical Examination

As we get older we become much more worried about our personal health and how to be sure the wellbeing of our family is secure just in case something happens to ourselves. While our absence after death likely can never be changed, we could at least make certain they’re fiscally provided for and don’t have to confront financial difficulties, particularly regarding outstanding mortgages,... [Read more about this property...]

Save Money Using These Practical Techniques

We all look for ways to make more money so that we will make enough to put away for the future. The economy being what it is though, earning more is a tall order, and to save money, we need to look to cutting down our spending rather than increasing our earnings. Settle debts Debt servicing is an utter waste of your time and money. The money you pay for financing charges on your credit card adds up,... [Read more about this property...]

Reverse Mortage – How it Works?

Reverse mortgages were designed for older individuals who have paid off a substantial portion of their mortgage and find themselves on a fixed income. Instead of the borrower continuing to pay the lender the monthly mortgage payment, the lender actually pays the borrower a monthly stipend against the equity that the owner has in the home. The borrower must be at least 62 years old and have a good deal... [Read more about this property...]

Identify Credit Card Offers Using Common Sense

Though the financial crisis has reduced the number of credit card offers filling the mailboxes of most Americans, there are still plenty to keep us busy. Most of these offers are just another way to lead us into debt, but occasionally one will show its face that can actually help your financial situation. A few simple steps can help you separate the good from the bad or even fraudulent offers. One... [Read more about this property...]

Clark Says….

Good news…financial guru Clark Howard says mortgage rates are at an all time low! Reposted from his site: MONEY-SAVING MOMENT: With mortgage rates at all-time lows, now may be a great time to refinance — if you meet new stringent criteria. The national average for 15-year mortgages is 4.1 percent, according to The Los Angeles Times. (Editor’s note: Figures accurate as of June 11,... [Read more about this property...]

Bare Basics of CD Investments

Certificates of Deposit If you’re looking for a way to maximize your earnings in a short term of medium term investment, with a minimum of personal financial risk, it’s hard to beat the certificate of deposit. Though you are required to keep the money in the account for a predetermined amount of time to reap the maximum gains from the investment, the periods are very flexible and you can choose... [Read more about this property...]

Summer Cash for Kids

As summer draws closer, a lot of kids are already dreaming up ways to earn a bit of extra cash while they have the time off to do it. For a lot of kids, a big drawback of the summer break is that they don’t get a regular allowance like they would during the regular school year. It makes it that much tougher to save up for things they want. The good news for you if you are a kid, is that people in... [Read more about this property...]

Safeguard your Business with Personal Injury Insurance

Getting personal injury insurance can be expensive, but given what you stand to lose in a personal injury suit, the question is can you afford to not have it? If you own some kind of business, particularly one where people interact with your employees or physically use your products, you really can’t afford to not have personal injury insurance. Expect the Worst There are very few businesses where... [Read more about this property...]

Improve Money Market Rates with Mutual Funds

If you are an investor who uses money market accounts as part of your investment strategy, you are familiar with the search for the highest interest rates offered. Banks want your business so it’s a never ending competition, which results in an ever changing market. A few little tricks can help you get the best rates possible. First, let’s talk about the difference between a money market mutual... [Read more about this property...]

Investment Decisions: IRA or CD ?

Difference Between an IRA and a CD Though most of us fail to know how to put money away, we all wish to retire comfortably. There is a lot of technical jargon involved, although the basic theory is straightforward enough. Differentiating between an IRA and a CD is delicate business, because they are both very much alike. Let us evaluate IRAs initially. There are two forms of IRAs, a conventional IRA... [Read more about this property...]

Brad Lubman